Thursday, September 27, 2012

Star Wars X-Wing unboxed!

Well, it has been quite some time since a posting here.....OK, so Paul from the Man Cave has a lot to answer for! He has caused me, yet again, to succumb to wanton desires for a minis game I originally had absolutely no intention of getting into! Yes, after just one afternoon playing Dust Warfare with Paul he managed to sneak into the conversations between turns and convince me that the new FFG game Star Wars X-Wing was a "must have"... okay well maybe not so hard to convince as the previews online have been great.

Anyways, after placing an order with Defiant Gaming on Monday, the parcel turned up today! Kudos to Defiant Gaming for great service.

So here we go with the ceremonial unboxing tonight; forgive the pic quality as it was done on an mobile phone :-(

The package being ripped asunder....

 The booty being two Core sets, a Y-Wing fighter and an extra X-Wing Fighter!
 .....inside the box well packed and looking very flash!
 Here are the three fighters from the Core set on their stands. THe X-Wing is a little fragile feeling but they are beautifully modelled.
 All the extra goodies including dice, rules and cards.
 ...... the card stock markers and fighters orders dials yet to be made up.
 ...and lastly a relative shot of the TIE and X-Wing next to an AT-43 mini for an indication of the minis size.
 So, over all I think excellent value for a boxed game costing $36AUD! Saturday will be the first game try out at Tom's!


Paul O'G said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Like you haven't led me astray before...

Carl said...

Yep, awesome game and the mini ships are great IMHO. 2 starter sets is definately the way to go.