Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few terrain pieces...

OK, been busy putting together some paper terrain pieces for playing with Ambush Alley. Pretty simple really; printed out the "skins" of buildings courtesy of the Ambush Alley Yahoo Group files, created basic shells from 6mm foam core and glued the paper walls on. Complete with doors, windows and posters!!

This is an aerial view of the 11 buildings so far.

A "ground level" view of USMC dismounted.

The other vehicle in the patrol.

And an oblique aerial view, notice the rear building; these cut outs can be stacked to make multi storey dwellings.

...... and only about 40 more to go I reckon!

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James said...

Outstanding mate, if I'd known you were into Ambush alley I would have brought my Battlefield Evolution lads along for a stoush!J