Thursday, November 19, 2009

Space Wolf Fever....

OK, so after swearing not to succumb to "yet another new Codex release" buying frenzy I promptly went out and got the new Space Wolves Codex... and of course the most unlikely of unit choices catches the eye... Thunderwolves.. well, whoever heard of anyone EVER riding a wolf? Actually, this is a game so it doesn't really matter!! In any case I went back out and got the Canis Wolfborn mini which really is a beast of a miniature... for teh hermits out there, he is on the left on the pic below.

So, in typical Games Workshop form, they haven't released a mini for the most dramatic of all the Space Wolves army list... so the web forums are full of suggestions of all sorts. For my part I came across the Dungeons and Dragons singles minis of the Dire Wolf and after a very little effort of rearranging a set of Space Marine biker legs the result is what you see below. Personally I'm quite happy with it. Good size match and the soft plastic is ok to work with; just using SuperGlue instead of Revells. See how it comes up painted.