Saturday, May 10, 2008

Whilst on the subject of games today; here's pics from the FoW game played by Tom, Darren, Chris and Greg. Mighty Nippons giving the impudent Aussies what for in Malaya!!

"Steady lads, let them step into the trap!"

"Enemy tank! Range 150yds! Load AP, wait....."
"Fire! Reload! Fire as they present lads!!!"

"Pour it on!"
Although the armour takes heavy casualties, the Japanese infantry swarm out of the jungle past the burning wrecks...... throw themselves on to the waiting digger's bayonets....
Despite the withering fire of rifles and brens and almost point blank fire of the Vickers they come on!
And just as things were looking bad they get worse as a separate force attacks from the rear lines as well! We're surrounded!

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Don M said...

Very nice looking game!