Monday, April 26, 2010

Der Bunker.... the Other Man Cave....

OK, Tas's foray into The Secret's of the Third Reich game "Incursion" has inspired me to work up a Bunker system for US Lucky 7th to clear out. Mind you, thsi will be generic enough to be able to play WW2,Modern skirmsih, Sci-Fi such as Infinity or Halo-esque...or Bug Hunts..... pretty much anything in an underground or warehouse complex setting will do!

I've decided on a 12" square modular system, ultimately enabling a 6' x 4' table arrangement with up to 4 separate entrance sections.

Here are the first two trial pieces.

This one has three entry points, a 2" wide and in a T shape, 2 4" wide door ways.

This one is a corner entry arrangement with both 4" wide and a set of rooms on the outside corner.

Plenty of thought to put into the clutter that needs to go along walls and inside the rooms....