Friday, February 1, 2008

Western Suburbs Wargames Association, Club Day

Well, it was a reasonably active day at Western Suburbs Wargames this afternoon.
Plenty of games in the offing. Battletech; probably the most consistent group of gaming companions I've come across. The same 10 or so players have been going for at least 10 years!. Warmachine have been keeping a strong showing with at least 3 tables each meeting. A little different today; we had a Warhammer Napoleonics, Disposable Heroes early War, WW2 naval fleet battles and the first games of Infinity I've seen at the club. Infinity minis are NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!! Also saw a Wings of War strating up! Sweet. Anyways, here's some pics for those interested.

These are my favourite images from our game of a 1940 German assault on a Belgium held village. Germans gave the Belgiums heavy casualties but took too many themselves to be able top secure the objectives, so victory was denied them.